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Steve Fossett Search, Sanborn 2 Comparison: Hosted by EnvironmentalChemistry.com

Steve Fossett Search, Sanborn 2 KML Generator

Hosted by Ken Barbalace at EnvironmentalChemistry.com.

The Mechanical Turk effort to find Steve Fossett may have been suspended, but the MTurk Sanborn 2 imagery is still available online. This KML overlay generator is designed to provide access to those images via Google Earth. There are three ways to access those images by automatic assignment, coordinates, or image name.

The primary means to review imagery is to allow the KML generator to assign imagery to be reviewed. If there is an object of interest in the assigned the coordinates of the object should be noted and reported via Violent Skies. The coordinate and image name access options are intended to be used for evaluating objects that have been reported by others at Violent Skies.

Use of this KML overlay generator requires that Google Earth be installed on your computer and is bound by the following terms of service:

  1. You may not request imagery any more frequently than once per minute. Imagery can not be appropriately reviewed in a shorter time frame and requesting imagery too quickly could prevent others from accessing imagery;
  2. Any possible sightings need to be reported via Violent Skies and not to search authorities directly so that sightings can be properly evaluated with the best leads being passed on to search officials. Reporting leads through Violent Skies will help reduce the number of false positives that are reported to search officials. Please do not take possible sightings to the media as this will only create unnecessary distractions.
  3. Remember, it is against Federal Law (CFR 49 Part 830) to tamper with or disturb crash sites. Please do not physically investigate possible crash sites except as part of a trained and officially sanctioned search team.

A very important goal of this KML generator is to help develop and promote the use of the Internet to aid in the search for missing planes. Violating any of the conditions above could harm this long term goal. We must work together to prove that the Internet could be an effective search tool and not just an annoying distraction to official search efforts: this includes using proper reporting channels and reframing from freelance search expeditions into the backcountry to investigates objects found in the imagery.

In the center of the imagery of KML files generated by our script there is a "thumb tack" that if clicked on will expand a popup that provides tips and resources to aid in the review of imagery and reporting of possible findings.

Get KML Overlays




EXAMPLE: http://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/Fossett-Sanborn2/0909-10517/imagery/0909-10517_5120_3584_6.png

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Other Resources

Blogging on my MTurk search experience

Please contact Ken with any feedback in regards to this Sanborn imagery review page.