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Either our banner ads must be allowed to display properly or an ad-free subscription must be purchased to use this site.

Your web browser, software on your computer or some other event (like you have image loading turned off) is preventing some or all of our banner ads from being displayed on our pages correctly. In order to access our content, users must allow our ads to be displayed correctly on our pages or they must purchase an ad-free subscription to this site.

We do recognize that many users are using corporate or academic computers on networks where IT departments have implemented network wide ad-filtering that users are unable to bypass. This wholesale filtering of ads; however, is one of the chief reasons we block computers that are blocking our ads. We depend on ad revenues to fund our operation and to enable us to pay people to write new and unique articles for this site. The blocking of our advertising without purchasing an ad-free subscription denies us the revenues we need to operate.

If you are on a corporate or academic computer network that is blocking ads, and you want to gain access to this site you must either convince your IT department to discontinue their practice of blocking ads or you must purchase an ad-free subscription to this site.


WE DO NOT USE POPUP ADS OR POPUNDERS, nor do we use Flash, Java or other "rich-media" (aka bandwidth hogging) ads. We limit animated gifs and make every effort to reduce the overall bandwidth requirement of all pages on this site. Also, we greatly restrict the genre of ads that are displayed. We restrict our ads to traditional on page GIF/JPG/PNG banner ads and text based ads.

How to Disable Ad Blocking

NOTICE: as we DO NOT use popups or popup unders, THERE IS NO NEED TO DISABLE POPUP BLOCKING in order to access our site. You don't like popups and neither do we. Also, THERE IS NO NEED TO DISABLE YOUR FIREWALL if you are using one, you only need to disable the ad-blocking component of the firewall if it has one (e.g. ZoneAlarm Pro).

There are scores programs and services on the market that offer banner ad blocking abilities. As such we will only focus on a few of the most common programs.

  • Firefox with Adblock extension: Type [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[B] to disable/enable adblock or type [CTRL]+[Shift]+[P] then uncheck "Enable Adblock" and press "Enter".
  • Symantec Norton Internet Security: If you are using Symantec's "Norton Internet Security" software, banner blocking may have been turned on without your knowledge. You can turn off ad blocking in Symantec NIS by opening Norton Internet Security. In the main window, double-click Ad Blocking and then uncheck "Ad Blocking". NOTICE: there is no reason to disable NIS, only the ad-blocking feature needs to be disabled to access this site.
  • ZoneAlarm Pro firewall: You can turn off ad blocking under the tab "Privacy" and then slide the "Ad Blocking" control to the off position. NOTICE: there is no reason to disable ZoneAlarm, only the banner blocking option needs to be disabled to access this site.
  • AdSubtract: Right mouse click on the AdSubtract icon in your task tray (looks like an orange circle with a plus and minus sign) and select "Disable AdSubtract".
  • Go!Zilla Ad Muncher: Right mouse click on the Ad Muncher icon in your task tray (looks like a cow's head) and select "Disable filtering." The cows head will turn red.
  • WebWasher: Right mouse click on the WebWasher icon in your task tray (looks like a blue circle with a white "W" and then select "Deactivate standard filter".

If you block ad servers on a domain name by domain name basis (e.g. a hosts file), you need to unblock the following domains:


Trying to Gain Free Ad-Free Access is a Violation of Our Terms of Service

Attempting to circumvent our measures that require users to pay a subscription fee to gain ad-free access to this site represents a violation of our terms of service and represents a theft of service. Users who do not want to pay our subscription fee for ad-free access and are not willing or able to display our ads need to find the information they are looking for on other websites.

Why We Banned Banner Blocking

Ads and ad-free subscriptions are the best way to generate revenue to pay the costs associated with producing and delivering an informational resource like this web site. Without ad revenues that pay for writers, programmers, server space and bandwidth, many websites and much of the unique content they contain simply wouldn't exist anywhere. If is to remain available to individuals like yourself free of charge, we must be allowed to use banner advertising as a means of paying the costs of maintaining this website and paying writers to write new content for us.

Just as users have the right to block ads, web publishers like us have the right to deny access to those individuals who refuse to "pay" for access to their content and accepting ads is one way of paying for access. A user who blocks banner ads, must accept the fact that sometimes they will not be allowed to utilize some sites like this one. Trying to force free access to a site that requires the acceptance of ads or the purchase of an ad-free subscription is theft of service and is an indefensible act.

We don't ask that users act upon our ads, we simply ask that all users do their part to help support our efforts by either purchasing a paid subscription or allowing our ads to be displayed. Again, for those who would like to enjoy a banner ad-free experience on our website and are willing to help support our efforts directly, we do provide an ad-free subscription option.

Kenneth Barbalace
Editor in Chief