Periodic Table of Elements

This periodic table of elements provides comprehensive data on the chemical elements including scores of properties, element names in many languages and most known nuclides (Isotopes). Below the table there is a "Periodic Table Sorted By" section with links that will sort chemical elements by various properties. Each element on the table below links to a detailed page for that element.

Periodic Table
123 456789101112131415161718
Last updated: Dec. 2, 2011
11 H   2 He
23 Li4 Be   5 B6 C7 N8 O9 F10 Ne
311 Na12 Mg13 Al14 Si15 P16 S17 Cl18 Ar
419 K20 Ca21 Sc 22 Ti23 V24 Cr25 Mn26 Fe27 Co28 Ni29 Cu30 Zn31 Ga32 Ge33 As34 Se35 Br36 Kr
537 Rb38 Sr39 Y 40 Zr41 Nb42 Mo43 Tc44 Ru45 Rh46 Pd47 Ag48 Cd49 In50 Sn51 Sb52 Te53 I54 Xe
655 Cs56 Ba57 La172 Hf73 Ta74 W75 Re76 Os77 Ir78 Pt79 Au80 Hg81 Tl82 Pb83 Bi84 Po85 At86 Rn
787 Fr88 Ra89 Ac2104 Rf105 Db106 Sg107 Bh108 Hs109 Mt110 Ds111 Rg112 Cn 114 Uuq 116 Uuh 118 Uuo
6 1
58 Ce59 Pr60 Nd61 Pm62 Sm63 Eu64 Gd65 Tb66 Dy67 Ho68 Er69 Tm70 Yb71 Lu
7 2
90 Th91 Pa92 U93 Np94 Pu95 Am96 Cm97 Bk98 Cf99 Es100 Fm101 Md102 No103 Lr 
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Inner TransitionTransition
New IUPAC system
Old IUPAC system (primarily in Europe)
CAS system (primarily in North America)
Physical States etc.
States are at normal temperature and pressure.
XxLiquidsXxSynthetically prepared elements

Our policy for Including New Elements on our periodic table

Our policy is to only create individual element pages for elements on our periodic table that have been officially recognized and named by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists (IUPAC). Likewise we only list unnamed elements on our table above whose discovery has been tentatively recognized by IUPAC. Thus at this point in time we have not created individual element pages for elements 114 and above as they have not been officially named. Likewise even though some scientists have claimed to have isolated elements 113 and 115 we do not list these two elements because their discovery has not yet been acknowledged by IUPAC.

The "discovery" of element 118 is still very much in debate. It was reportedly isolated in 1999 by the Ninov et al. Berkeley collaboration, but that report was retracted in 2002. In Oct. 2006 it was again reportedly isolated by scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and their Russian partners at the Dubna nuclear research center in Russia, but IUPAC has not yet commented on this.

IUPAC Announces Proposes Names for Elements 114 and 116

On December 1st 2011, the IUPAC announced the proposed names for elements 114 and 116. Element 114 would be named flerovium with the symbol Fl, while element 116 would be named livermorium with the symbol Lv. There will be a five month comment period for the new names. If all goes well the names will become official in May of 2012.

Periodic Table Sorted By:

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