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  • STUDENTS: We have received many messages from students asking us to basically do their homework. We cannot do your homework for you. If, however, you go through the information we have provided on this site, the odds are you will find the answer to many of your chemistry related questions. You might have to read and do some deducing to find your answer, but that is why it is called homework. If you truly have a chemistry question that is not answered by our site or don't understand something, please by all means send us your question. We just ask that before you write us you spend some time and make an honest effort to find the answer on your own. This site was built based on the questions others have asked us and many of common questions are answered on our site.
  • CHEMICAL BUYERS/SELLERS: We do not buy or sell chemicals, please don't ask. This might sound like an odd statement but we get many requests along these lines.