Go Green

Save energy and money, around the home and in your personal life.

[Last update May 1, 2009]

Volitile energy costs and America's ever increasing dependence on imported oil, there is a lot of talk about how government and industry can help reduce our consumption of energy and dependence on fossil fuels. There are, however, a lot of things we can do as individuals to reduce our own energy consumption, which would not only help reduce global demand for energy but save us money as individuals. The battle cry for energy should not be "drill baby, drill" but rather "save baby, save". Our "Go Green" section will focus on real world home projects that demonstrate different ways to reduce energy consumption and/or carbon footprint or just be nicer to the environment. In time our goal is to feature many different green projects from new home construction, to home renovation projects, to basic home maintenance to home garden projects.

We are looking for projects to feature

Do you have an eco renovation, green construction or related eco home or garden project that could make for a good series of articles? If so, please contact us as we are looking for projects to feature. We are particularly interested in projects here in Southern Maine that we can easily visit in person and follow.

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