Hazardous Materials Transporation Placarding Quiz

By Roberta C. Barbalace

  1. The presence of an "D" in column 1 of the HM table (172.101) indicates that:
  2. Which of the following shipments do not require special segregation procedures for highway transport?
  3. Where are regulations specific to the transportation of HM by highway found?
  4. Which of the following loads requires placards?
  5. Under the provisions of 215-B which is presently authorized but becomes mandatory 0ct 1,1998 which of the following will require UN identification numbers in addition to placards?
  6. HM-200 allows which of the following to be transported without shipping papers?
  7. When transporting a load of hazardous materials under the provisions of an exemption, when is a copy of the exemption not required to accompany the load?
  8. When are orientation arrows required as part of the labeling on a container?
  9. When is the Marine Pollutant marking required on a container?
  10. Under the new placarding system, if a vehicle contains 10 pounds of a liquid identified as a primary 6.1 inhalation hazard and 5 pounds of a liquid identified as a subsidiary poison inhalation hazard, what placards are required?

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