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William W. Stewart III

Marketing Manager, Stresau Laboratory

Education: B.S. in Journalism in 1976; MBA in Management in 1987

Experience: Mr. Stewart is a primary communication link between Stresau and its customers. He is responsible for initiating and coordinating the activities which result in timely responsive proposals to meet customers' needs. This presentation of proposals and continuing customer contract links Stresau's customers and the technical services Stresau has to offer. His newspaper experience and business education serves Stresau and its customers' needs to communicate quickly and accurately among many disciplines.

Mr. Stewart can be contacted at 715-635-2777.

Vincent E. Mendoza

Hazardous Materials Testing Manager, Stresau Laboratory

Education: Associate Arts in Business Management, Hazardous Waste Operator Certified,

Experience: Starting at Stresau in 1988 as a technician Mr. Mendoza's on the job and through numerous professional seminars, become expert in translating customers' testing needs into useable, reliable test results. The core of this expertise is his knowledge of US 49CFR, specifically part 172 on Transport of Hazardous Materials and the corresponding United Nations document Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations. He has written over a thousand laboratory reports, and has represented Stresau at several United Nations Conferences and Committee meetings. He is a member of COSTHA (Conference on the Safe Transport of Hazardous Articles).

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