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Covalent Radius - CWA (Clean Water Act)

Covalent Radius

A chemical bond between atoms formed by the sharing of valence electrons.

Cross section

The effective size of a nucleus in capturing a thermal neutron (slow neutron). Larger cross sections have a greater probability of neutron capture.

Crystal Structure (crystal system)

The atomic arrangement of the atoms of an element when it is in its solid state.


Cubic, Body Centered

Cubic, Face Centered






CWA (Clean Water Act, Water Quality Act, WQA)

Similar to the CAA, the CWA placed controls on disposal facilities generating ash quench-water, landfill leach rate and surface water discharges. Amended in 1987 and called the Water Quality Act (WQA) it set further standards for discharging into the environment and expanded to include storm run-off.

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