Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

This is an online version of the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) which is produced by the USDOT for first responders during the initial phase of a Dangerous goods/Hazardous Materials incident. Have you ever wondered what those four digit numbers on the placards on the side of trucks and rail cars mean? Our online ERG will give you your answer.

UN Numbers 2978 through 3027

UN#GuideName of MaterialISO
Current as of: Oct. 2, 2011
2978166Radioactive material, Uranium hexafluoride
2978166Uranium hexafluoride
2978166Uranium hexafluoride non fissile or fissile-excepted
2979162Uranium metal, pyrophoric
2980162Uranyl nitrate, hexahydrate, solution
2981162Uranyl nitrate, solid
2982163Radioactive material, n.o.s.
2983129PEthylene oxide and Propylene oxide mixture, with not more than 30% Ethylene oxide
2983129PPropylene oxide and Ethylene oxide mixture, with not more than 30% Ethylene oxide
2984140Hydrogen peroxide, aqueous solution, with not less than 8% but less than 20% Hydrogen peroxide
2985155Chlorosilanes, flammable, corrosive, n.o.s.
2985155Chlorosilanes, n.o.s.
2986155Chlorosilanes, corrosive, flammable, n.o.s.
2986155Chlorosilanes, n.o.s.
2987156Chlorosilanes, corrosive, n.o.s.
2987156Chlorosilanes, n.o.s.
2988139Chlorosilanes, n.o.s.
2988139Chlorosilanes, water-reactive, flammable, corrosive, n.o.s.
2989133Lead phosphite, dibasic
2990171Life-saving appliances, self-inflating
2991131Carbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
2991131Carbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
2992151Carbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous
2992151Carbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic
2993131Arsenical pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
2993131Arsenical pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
2994151Arsenical pesticide, liquid, poisonous
2994151Arsenical pesticide, liquid, toxic
2995131Organochlorine pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
2995131Organochlorine pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
2996151Organochlorine pesticide, liquid, poisonous
2996151Organochlorine pesticide, liquid, toxic
2997131Triazine pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
2997131Triazine pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
2998151Triazine pesticide, liquid, poisonous
2998151Triazine pesticide, liquid, toxic
2999131Phenoxy pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
2999131Phenoxy pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3000152Phenoxy pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3000152Phenoxy pesticide, liquid, toxic
3001131Phenyl urea pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3001131Phenyl urea pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3002151Phenyl urea pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3002151Phenyl urea pesticide, liquid, toxic
3003131Benzoic derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3003131Benzoic derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3004151Benzoic derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3004151Benzoic derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic
3005131Dithiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3005131Dithiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3005131Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3005131Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3006151Dithiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3006151Dithiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic
3006151Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3006151Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic
3007131Phthalimide derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3007131Phthalimide derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3008151Phthalimide derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3008151Phthalimide derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic
3009131Copper based pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3009131Copper based pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3010151Copper based pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3010151Copper based pesticide, liquid, toxic
3011131Mercury based pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3011131Mercury based pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3012151Mercury based pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3012151Mercury based pesticide, liquid, toxic
3013131Substituted nitrophenol pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3013131Substituted nitrophenol pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3014153Substituted nitrophenol pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3014153Substituted nitrophenol pesticide, liquid, toxic
3015131Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3015131Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3016151Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3016151Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, toxic
3017131Organophosphorus pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3017131Organophosphorus pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3018152Methyl parathion, liquid
3018152Organophosphorus pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3018152Organophosphorus pesticide, liquid, toxic
3018152Tetraethyl pyrophosphate, liquid
3019131Organotin pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3019131Organotin pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3020153Organotin pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3020153Organotin pesticide, liquid, toxic
3021131Pesticide, liquid, flammable, poisonous, n.o.s.
3021131Pesticide, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s.
3022127P1,2-Butylene oxide, stabilized
3023131tert-Octyl mercaptanYes
3024131Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, flammable, poisonous
3024131Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, flammable, toxic
3025131Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable
3025131Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable
3026151Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, poisonous
3026151Coumarin derivative pesticide, liquid, toxic
3027151Coumarin derivative pesticide, solid, poisonous
3027151Coumarin derivative pesticide, solid, toxic

Data Source for our online 2008 ERG

This information was compiled from the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (2008 ERG) which is produced by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

(Data last updated/verified: Oct. 2, 2011)

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