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Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG): Tetrafluoromethane, compr ==> Titanium sulphate, solution (

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

This is an online version of the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) which is produced by the USDOT for first responders during the initial phase of a Dangerous goods/Hazardous Materials incident. Have you ever wondered what those four digit numbers on the placards on the side of trucks and rail cars mean? Our online ERG will give you your answer.

Tetrafluoromethane, compr ==> Titanium sulphate, solution

Name of MaterialGuideUN#ISO
Current as of: Oct. 2, 2011
Tetrafluoromethane, compressed1261982
Tetrahydrophthalic anhydrides1562698
Tetramethylammonium hydroxide1531835
Tetramethylammonium hydroxide, solid1533423
Tetramethylammonium hydroxide, solution1531835
Tetrapropyl orthotitanate1282413
Textile waste, wet1331857
Thallium chlorate1412573
Thallium compound, n.o.s.1511707
Thallium nitrate1412727
Thallium sulfate, solid1511707
Thallium sulphate, solid1511707
Thickened GD1532810
Thioacetic acid1292436
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, flammable, poisonous1312772
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, flammable, toxic1312772
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous1513006
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable1313005
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic1513006
Thiocarbamate pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable1313005
Thiocarbamate pesticide, solid, poisonous1512771
Thiocarbamate pesticide, solid, toxic1512771
Thioglycolic acid1531940
Thiolactic acid1532936
Thionyl chloride1371836Yes
Thiophosphoryl chloride1571837
Thiourea dioxide1353341
Thorium metal, pyrophoric1622975
Thorium nitrate, solid1622976
Tin tetrachloride1371827
Tin tetrachloride, pentahydrate1542440
Tinctures, medicinal1271293
Titanium disulfide1353174
Titanium disulphide1353174
Titanium hydride1701871
Titanium powder, dry1352546
Titanium powder, wetted with not less than 25% water1701352
Titanium sponge granules1702878
Titanium sponge granules1702878
Titanium sponge powders1702878
Titanium sponge powders1702878
Titanium sulfate, solution1541760
Titanium sulphate, solution1541760

Data Source for our online 2008 ERG

This information was compiled from the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (2008 ERG) which is produced by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

(Data last updated/verified: Oct. 2, 2011)

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