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Nuclides / Isotopes

SpinHalf LifeDMDTBR
Lu150149.97379Syn 35msPYb149801.270
Lu152151.96481Syn5-, 6-0.7sε + PTm151159.600
 0.7sεYb152 12.500
Lu153152.95982Syn11/2-0.9sPYb152 0.700
Lu154153.95783Syn2- εYb154~10010.100
meta state 2.561MeVSyn17+35usIT  2.562
Lu155154.95484Syn2+, 3/2+140msαTm151  
meta state 0.021MeVSyn11/2-68msαTm151795.791
meta state 1.798MeVSyn25/2-2.6msαTm151~1007.568
Lu157156.950186Syn2+, 3/2+6.8sαTm153>05.096
meta state 0.026MeVSyn11/2-4.79sεYb157946.956
Lu158157.94987Syn 10.6sεYb15899.098.670
Lu159158.946688Syn 12.1sαTm1550.044.530
 12.1sεYb159 5.990
Lu160159.94689Syn 36.1sεYb160<=1007.880
 36.1sαTm156 4.110
Lu161160.94490Syn5/2+77sεYb161 5.300
meta state 0.136MeVSyn9/2-7.3msIT  0.136
Lu162161.94391Syn1-1.37mεYb162 6.960
meta state 0.000MeVSyn4-1.5mεYb162<=1006.960
Lu164163.94193Syn 3.14mεYb164 6.250
Lu165164.939694Syn7/2+10.74mεYb165 3.920
meta state 0.000MeVSyn1/2+12m    
Lu166165.9495Syn6-2.65mεYb166 5.480
meta state 0.034MeVSyn3-1.41mεYb166585.514
 1.41mIT 420.034
meta state 0.043MeVSyn0-2.12mεYb166>805.523
 2.12mIT <200.043
Lu167166.93896Syn7/2+51.5mεYb167 3.130
Lu168167.938797Syn6-5.5mεYb168 4.480
meta state 0.220MeVSyn3+6.7mεYb168>954.700
Lu169168.937798Syn7/2+34.06hεYb169 2.293
meta state 0.029MeVSyn1/2-160sIT  0.029
Lu170169.938599Syn0+2.012dεYb170 3.459
meta state 0.092MeVSyn4-0.67sIT  0.093
Lu171170.9379100Syn7/2+8.24dεYb171 1.479
meta state 0.071MeVSyn1/2-79sIT  0.071
Lu172171.9391101Syn4-6.70dεYb172 2.519
meta state 0.042MeVSyn1-3.7mIT  0.042
Lu173172.9389102Syn7/2+1.37yεYb173 0.671
Lu174173.9403103Syn1-3.31yεYb174 1.374
meta state 0.170MeVSyn6-142dIT 99.380.171
Lu176175.94271052.597-3.78E 10yβ-Hf176 1.193
meta state 0.123MeVSyn1-3.635hβ-Hf17699.911.316
Lu177176.9438106Syn7/2+6.734dβ-Hf177 0.498
meta state 0.970MeVSyn23/2-160.4dβ-Hf17778.31.468
 160.4dIT 21.70.970
Lu178177.946107Syn1+28.4mβ-Hf178 2.099
meta state 0.120MeVSyn9-23.1mβ-Hf178 2.219
Lu179178.9473108Syn7/2+4.59hβ-Hf179 1.405
meta state 0.592MeVSyn1/2+3.1msITLu179 0.592
Lu180179.9499109Syn5+5.7mβ-Hf180 3.100
Lu181180.952110Syn7/2+3.5mβ-Hf181 2.500
Lu182181.955111Syn0, 1, 22mβ-Hf182  
meta state 0.000MeVSynlow β-Hf184  
NuclidePotential Parent Nuclides
Lu150None known
Lu151None known
Lu152None known
Lu153Ta157 (Syn)
Lu154Hf154 (Syn) Ta158 (Syn)
meta state 2.561MeVNone known
Lu155Hf155 (Syn) Ta159 (Syn)
meta state 0.021MeVNone known
meta state 1.798MeVNone known
Lu156Ta160 (Syn)
Lu157Hf157 (Syn) Ta161 (Syn)
meta state 0.026MeVNone known
Lu158Hf158 (Syn) Ta162 (Syn)
Lu159Hf159 (Syn) Ta163 (Syn)
Lu160Hf160 (Syn)
Lu161Hf161 (Syn)
meta state 0.136MeVNone known
Lu162Hf162 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Lu163Hf163 (Syn)
Lu164Hf164 (Syn)
Lu165Hf165 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Lu166Hf166 (Syn)
meta state 0.034MeVNone known
meta state 0.043MeVNone known
Lu167Hf167 (Syn)
Lu168Hf168 (Syn) Lu168m (Syn)
meta state 0.220MeVNone known
Lu169Hf169 (Syn)
meta state 0.029MeVNone known
Lu170Hf170 (Syn)
meta state 0.092MeVNone known
Lu171Hf171 (Syn)
meta state 0.071MeVNone known
Lu172Hf172 (Syn)
meta state 0.042MeVNone known
Lu173Hf173 (Syn)
Lu174None known
meta state 0.170MeVNone known
Lu175Hf175 (Syn) Yb175 (Syn)
Lu176Yb176m (Syn)
meta state 0.123MeVNone known
Lu177Yb177 (Syn)
meta state 0.970MeVNone known
Lu178Yb178 (Syn)
meta state 0.120MeVNone known
Lu179Lu179m (Syn) Yb179 (Syn)
meta state 0.592MeVNone known
Lu180Yb180 (Syn)
Lu181None known
Lu182None known
Lu183None known
Lu184None known
meta state 0.000MeVNone known


  • NN = Number of Neutrons
  • Abun % = Natural Abundance (as a percentage)
  • Syn = Synthetic Nuclide (does not occur in nature)
  • DM = Decay Mode
    α = Alpha emission
    β- = Beta emission
    β- β- = Double beta decay
    β+ = Positron emission
    ε = Electron Capture
    IT = Isomeric Transition
    N = Neutron emission
    P = Proton emission
    SF = Spontaneous Fission
  • DT = Decays To
  • BR % = Branch Ratio (as a percentage)

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