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Nuclides / Isotopes

SpinHalf LifeDMDTBR
Rh8988.94944Syn >1.5us    
Rh9089.94345Syn >150ns    
Rh9190.93746Syn >150ns    
Rh9291.93247Syn >150ns    
Rh9392.92648Syn9/2+ εRu93 8.100
Rh9493.92249Syn3+70.6sεRu94 9.600
meta state 0.000MeVSyn8+25.8sεRu94 9.600
Rh9594.91650Syn9/2+5.02mεRu95 5.110
meta state 0.543MeVSyn1/2-1.96mIT 880.543
Rh9695.914551Syn6+9.9mεRu96 6.446
meta state 0.052MeVSyn3+1.51mIT 600.052
Rh9796.911352Syn9/2+30.7mεRu97 3.520
meta state 0.259MeVSyn1/2-46.2mεRu9794.43.779
 46.2mIT 5.60.259
Rh9897.910753Syn2+8.7mεRu98 5.057
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+3.5mεRu98>05.057
Rh9998.908154Syn1/2-16.1dεRu99 2.103
meta state 0.064MeVSyn9/2+4.7hεRu99>99.842.167
Rh10099.908155Syn1-20.8hεRu100 3.630
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+4.6mIT ~98.3 
Rh101100.906256Syn1/2-3.3yεRu101 0.542
meta state 0.157MeVSyn9/2+4.34dεRu10193.60.699
 4.34dIT 6.40.157
Rh102101.906857Syn1-, 2-207dεRu102802.323
meta state 0.141MeVSyn6+~2.9yεRu10299.732.464
 ~2.9yIT 0.230.141
meta state 0.040MeVSyn7/2+56.12mIT  0.040
meta state 0.129MeVSyn5+4.34mIT 99.870.129
Rh105104.905760Syn7/2+35.36hβ-Pd105 0.567
meta state 0.130MeVSyn1/2-~40sIT  0.130
Rh106105.907361Syn1+29.8sβ-Pd106 3.541
meta state 0.137MeVSyn6+131mβ-Pd106 3.678
Rh107106.906862Syn7/2+21.7mβ-Pd107 1.511
Rh108107.90963Syn1+16.8sβ-Pd108 4.510
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+6mβ-Pd108 4.510
Rh109108.908764Syn7/2+80sβ-Pd109 2.591
Rh110109.91165Syn1+3.2sβ-Pd110 5.400
meta state 0.000MeVSyn 28.5sβ-Pd110 5.400
Rh111110.91266Syn7/2+11sβ-Pd111 3.740
Rh112111.91567Syn1+2.1sβ-Pd112 6.800
meta state 0.000MeVSyn 6.8sβ-Pd112 6.800
Rh113112.91568Syn7/2+2.8sβ-Pd113 4.900
Rh114113.91969Syn1+1.85sβ-Pd114 7.900
meta state 0.000MeVSyn 1.85sβ-Pd114 7.900
Rh115114.9270Syn7/2+0.99sβ-Pd115 6.000
Rh116115.92471Syn1+0.68sβ-Pd116 8.900
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5, 6, 70.9sβ-Pd116 8.900
Rh117116.92572Syn7/2+0.44sβ-Pd117 7.000
Rh119118.93174Syn >150ns    
Rh120119.93675Syn >150ns    
Rh121120.93876Syn >150ns    
NuclidePotential Parent Nuclides
Rh89None known
Rh90None known
Rh91None known
Rh92None known
Rh93Ag94m (Syn) Pd93 (Syn)
Rh94Ag95 (Syn) Pd94 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh95Ag96 (Syn) Cd99 (Syn) Pd95m (Syn)
meta state 0.543MeVNone known
Rh96Pd96 (Syn)
meta state 0.052MeVNone known
Rh97Pd97 (Syn)
meta state 0.259MeVNone known
Rh98Pd98 (Syn) Rh98m (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh99Pd99 (Syn) Rh99m (Syn)
meta state 0.064MeVNone known
Rh100Pd100 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh101Pd101 (Syn)
meta state 0.157MeVNone known
Rh102None known
meta state 0.141MeVNone known
Rh103Pd103 (Syn) Ru103 (Syn)
meta state 0.040MeVNone known
Rh104None known
meta state 0.129MeVNone known
Rh105Ru105 (Syn)
meta state 0.130MeVNone known
Rh106Ru106 (Syn)
meta state 0.137MeVNone known
Rh107Ru107 (Syn)
Rh108Ru108 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh109Ru109 (Syn)
Rh110Ru110 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh111Ru111 (Syn)
Rh112Ru112 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh113Ru113 (Syn)
Rh114Ru114 (Syn) Ru115 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh115Ru115 (Syn)
Rh116None known
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Rh117None known
Rh118None known
Rh119None known
Rh120None known
Rh121None known


  • NN = Number of Neutrons
  • Abun % = Natural Abundance (as a percentage)
  • Syn = Synthetic Nuclide (does not occur in nature)
  • DM = Decay Mode
    α = Alpha emission
    β- = Beta emission
    β- β- = Double beta decay
    β+ = Positron emission
    ε = Electron Capture
    IT = Isomeric Transition
    N = Neutron emission
    P = Proton emission
    SF = Spontaneous Fission
  • DT = Decays To
  • BR % = Branch Ratio (as a percentage)

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