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Nuclides / Isotopes

SpinHalf LifeDMDTBR
I108107.94355Syn 36msαSb104914.030
I109108.93856Syn 100usPTe108~1000.820
I110109.93557Syn 0.65sεTe1108311.900
 0.65sε + PSb109118.600
 0.65sε + αSn1061.114.700
I112111.92859Syn 3.42sαSb108~0.00122.990
 3.42sεTe112 10.200
I113112.923660Syn5/2+6.6sαSb1093.3E -72.710
 6.6sεTe113 7.200
I114113.92261Syn1+2.1sεTe114 9.100
 2.1sε + PSb113 4.300
meta state 0.265MeVSyn76.2sεTe114<=1009.366
 6.2sIT <=1000.266
I115114.91862Syn5/2+1.3mεTe115 5.900
I116115.91763Syn1+2.91sεTe116 7.750
I117116.913664Syn5/2+2.22mεTe117 4.670
I118117.913465Syn2-13.7mεTe118 7.040
meta state 0.104MeVSyn7-8.5mεTe118<1007.144
I119118.910266Syn5/2+19.1mεTe119 3.510
I120119.9167Syn2-81mεTe120 5.615
meta state 0.000MeVSyn4 to 853mεTe120 5.615
I121120.907468Syn5/2+2.12hεTe121 2.270
I122121.907669Syn1+3.63mεTe122 4.234
I123122.905670Syn5/2+13.27hεTe123 1.242
I124123.906271Syn2-4.1760dεTe124 3.160
I125124.904672Syn5/2+59.408dεTe125 0.186
I129128.90576Syn7/2+1.57E 7yβ-Xe129 0.194
I130129.906777Syn5+12.36hβ-Xe130 2.949
meta state 0.040MeVSyn2+9mIT 840.040
I131130.906178Syn7/2+8.02070dβ-Xe131 0.971
I132131.90879Syn4+2.295hβ-Xe132 3.577
meta state 0.120MeVSyn8-1.387hIT 860.120
I133132.907880Syn7/2+20.8hβ-Xe133 1.770
meta state 1.634MeVSyn19/2-9sIT  1.634
I134133.909981Syn4+52.5mβ-Xe134 4.170
meta state 0.316MeVSyn8-3.6mIT 97.70.316
I135134.910182Syn7/2+6.57hβ-Xe135 2.648
I136135.914783Syn1-83.4sβ-Xe136 6.930
meta state 0.640MeVSyn6-46.9sβ-Xe136 7.570
I137136.917984Syn7/2+24.5sβ- + NXe1366.971.850
 24.5sβ-Xe137 5.880
I138137.922485Syn2-6.49sβ- + NXe1375.52.010
 6.49sβ-Xe138 7.820
I139138.926186Syn7/2+2.29sβ- + NXe138103.210
 2.29sβ-Xe139 6.806
I140139.93187Syn40.86sβ- + NXe1399.33.340
 0.86sβ-Xe140 8.760
I141140.93588Syn 0.43sβ- + NXe140224.400
 0.43sβ-Xe141 7.800
I142141.9489Syn ~0.2sβ-Xe142  
I143142.94490Syn >150ns    
I144143.9591Syn >150ns    
NuclidePotential Parent Nuclides
I108None known
I109None known
I110Cs114 (Syn)
I111Xe111 (Syn)
I112Xe112 (Syn)
I113Ba117 (Syn) Cs114 (Syn) Xe113 (Syn)
I114Cs115 (Syn) Xe114 (Syn)
meta state 0.265MeVNone known
I115Cs116m1 (Syn) Xe115 (Syn)
I116Xe116 (Syn)
I117Cs118 (Syn) Cs118m (Syn) Xe117 (Syn)
I118I118m (Syn) Xe118 (Syn)
meta state 0.104MeVNone known
I119Cs120 (Syn) Xe119 (Syn)
I120Xe120 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
I121Xe121 (Syn)
I122Xe122 (Syn)
I123Xe123 (Syn)
I124None known
I125Xe125 (Syn)
I126None known
I127Te127 (Syn) Te127m (Syn) Xe127 (Syn)
I128None known
I129Te129 (Syn) Te129m (Syn)
I130None known
meta state 0.040MeVNone known
I131Te131 (Syn) Te131m (Syn)
I132Te132 (Syn)
meta state 0.120MeVNone known
I133Te133 (Syn) Te133m (Syn)
meta state 1.634MeVNone known
I134Te134 (Syn)
meta state 0.316MeVNone known
I135Te135 (Syn) Te136 (Syn)
I136Te136 (Syn) Te137 (Syn)
meta state 0.640MeVNone known
I137Te137 (Syn) Te138 (Syn)
I138Te138 (Syn)
I139None known
I140None known
I141None known
I142None known
I143None known
I144None known


  • NN = Number of Neutrons
  • Abun % = Natural Abundance (as a percentage)
  • Syn = Synthetic Nuclide (does not occur in nature)
  • DM = Decay Mode
    α = Alpha emission
    β- = Beta emission
    β- β- = Double beta decay
    β+ = Positron emission
    ε = Electron Capture
    IT = Isomeric Transition
    N = Neutron emission
    P = Proton emission
    SF = Spontaneous Fission
  • DT = Decays To
  • BR % = Branch Ratio (as a percentage)

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