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SpinHalf LifeDMDTBR
Sb103102.9452Syn >1.5us    
Sb104103.93653Syn 0.44sε + PIn103<78.000
 0.44sεSn104 12.200
Sb105104.93254Syn 1.12sεSn105 9.440
 1.12sPSn104 0.483
Sb107106.92456Syn5/2+ αIn103 1.500
  εSn107 7.900
Sb108107.92257Syn4+7.4sεSn108 9.510
Sb109108.918158Syn5/2+17sεSn109 6.380
Sb110109.91759Syn3+23sεSn110 8.300
Sb111110.91360Syn5/2+75sεSn111 5.100
Sb112111.912461Syn3+51.4sεSn112 7.055
Sb113112.909462Syn5/2+6.67mεSn113 3.905
Sb114113.90963Syn3+3.49mεSn114 5.880
Sb115114.906664Syn5/2+32.1mεSn115 3.030
meta state 1.300MeVSyn11/2-6.2nsIT  1.300
meta state 2.796MeVSyn19/2-159nsIT  2.796
meta state 3.659MeVSyn25/2+4.1nsIT  3.660
Sb116115.906865Syn3+15.8mεSn116 4.707
meta state 0.383MeVSyn8-60.3mεSn116 5.090
meta state 3.130MeVSyn25/2+355usIT  3.131
Sb118117.905567Syn1+3.6mεSn118 3.657
meta state 0.250MeVSyn8-5hεSn118 3.907
Sb119118.90468Syn5/2+38.19hεSn119 0.594
Sb120119.905169Syn1+15.89mεSn120 2.681
meta state 0.000MeVSyn8-5.76dεSn120 2.681
meta state 0.137MeVSyn5+0.53msIT  0.137
meta state 0.164MeVSyn8-4.191mIT  0.164
Sb124123.905973Syn3-60.20dβ-Te124 2.905
meta state 0.010MeVSyn5+93sIT 750.011
meta state 0.036MeVSyn8-20.2mIT  0.037
Sb125124.905374Syn7/2+2.7582yβ-Te125 0.767
Sb126125.907275Syn8-12.46dβ-Te126 3.670
meta state 0.018MeVSyn5+19.15mβ-Te126863.688
 19.15mIT 140.018
meta state 0.040MeVSyn3-~11s    
Sb127126.906976Syn7/2+3.85dβ-Te127 1.581
Sb128127.909277Syn8-9.01hβ-Te128 4.380
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+10.4mβ-Te12896.44.380
 10.4mIT 3.6 
Sb129128.909278Syn7/2+4.40hβ-Te129 2.380
meta state 1.851MeVSyn19/2-17.7mβ-Te129854.231
 17.7mIT 151.851
Sb130129.911579Syn8-39.5mβ-Te130 4.960
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+6.3mβ-Te130 4.960
Sb131130.911980Syn7/2+23.03mβ-Te131 3.190
Sb132131.914481Syn4+2.79mβ-Te132 5.290
meta state 0.000MeVSyn8-4.1mβ-Te132 5.290
Sb133132.915282Syn7/2+2.5mβ-Te133 4.003
meta state 4.364MeVSyn 3usIT  4.365
meta state 4.527MeVSyn 16usIT  4.527
Sb134133.920683Syn0-0.78sβ-Te134 8.420
meta state 0.000MeVSyn7-10.23sβ- + NTe1330.090.910
 10.23sβ-Te134 8.420
Sb135134.92584Syn7/2+1.71sβ- + NTe13417.64.620
 1.71sβ-Te135 8.120
Sb136135.93185Syn 0.82sβ- + NTe135244.700
 0.82sβ-Te136 9.300
Sb137136.93586Syn >150ns    
Sb138137.94187Syn >150ns    
Sb139138.94688Syn >150ns    
NuclidePotential Parent Nuclides
Sb103None known
Sb104I108 (Syn)
Sb105None known
Sb106I110 (Syn)
Sb107I111 (Syn) Te107 (Syn)
Sb108I112 (Syn) Te108 (Syn)
Sb109I110 (Syn) I113 (Syn) Te109 (Syn)
Sb110Te110 (Syn)
Sb111Te111 (Syn)
Sb112Te112 (Syn)
Sb113I114 (Syn) Te113 (Syn)
Sb114Te114 (Syn)
Sb115Te115 (Syn) Te115m (Syn)
meta state 1.300MeVNone known
meta state 2.796MeVNone known
meta state 3.659MeVNone known
Sb116Te116 (Syn)
meta state 0.383MeVNone known
Sb117Te117 (Syn)
meta state 3.130MeVNone known
Sb118Te118 (Syn)
meta state 0.250MeVNone known
Sb119Te119 (Syn) Te119m (Syn)
Sb120None known
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Sb121Sn121 (Syn) Sn121m (Syn) Te121 (Syn) Te121m (Syn)
Sb122None known
meta state 0.137MeVNone known
meta state 0.164MeVNone known
Sb123Sn123 (Syn) Sn123m (Syn) Te123 (Natural)
Sb124None known
meta state 0.010MeVNone known
meta state 0.036MeVNone known
Sb125Sn125 (Syn) Sn125m (Syn)
Sb126Sn126 (Syn)
meta state 0.018MeVNone known
meta state 0.040MeVNone known
Sb127Sn127 (Syn) Sn127m (Syn)
Sb128Sn128 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Sb129Sn129 (Syn) Sn129m (Syn)
meta state 1.851MeVNone known
Sb130Sn130 (Syn) Sn130m (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Sb131Sn131 (Syn) Sn131m (Syn)
Sb132Sn132 (Syn) Sn133 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Sb133Sn133 (Syn) Sn134 (Syn)
meta state 4.364MeVNone known
meta state 4.527MeVNone known
Sb134Sn134 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
Sb135None known
Sb136None known
Sb137None known
Sb138None known
Sb139None known


  • NN = Number of Neutrons
  • Abun % = Natural Abundance (as a percentage)
  • Syn = Synthetic Nuclide (does not occur in nature)
  • DM = Decay Mode
    α = Alpha emission
    β- = Beta emission
    β- β- = Double beta decay
    β+ = Positron emission
    ε = Electron Capture
    IT = Isomeric Transition
    N = Neutron emission
    P = Proton emission
    SF = Spontaneous Fission
  • DT = Decays To
  • BR % = Branch Ratio (as a percentage)

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