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Nuclides / Isotopes

SpinHalf LifeDMDTBR
In9897.94249Syn >1.5us    
In10099.93151Syn 7sε + PAg99>3.95.300
 7sεCd100 10.200
In101100.92752Syn 15.1sεCd101~1007.300
 15.1sε + PAg100 2.500
In102101.92553Syn6+22sεCd102 8.900
In103102.919954Syn9/2+65sεCd103 6.050
In104103.91855Syn6+1.8mεCd104 7.910
meta state 0.093MeVSyn3+15.7sITIn104800.094
In105104.914756Syn9/2+5.07mεCd105 4.849
meta state 0.674MeVSyn1/2-48sIT  0.674
In106105.913557Syn7+6.2mεCd106 6.521
meta state 0.029MeVSyn3+5.2mεCd106 6.550
In107106.910358Syn9/2+32.4mεCd107 3.426
meta state 0.678MeVSyn1/2-50.4sIT  0.678
In108107.909759Syn7+58mεCd108 5.148
meta state 0.030MeVSyn2+39.6mεCd108 5.178
In109108.907260Syn9/2+4.2hεCd109 2.020
meta state 0.650MeVSyn1/2-1.34mIT  0.650
meta state 2.101MeVSyn19/2+0.209sIT  2.102
In110109.907261Syn7+4.9hεCd110 3.878
meta state 0.062MeVSyn2+69.1mεCd110 3.940
In111110.905162Syn9/2+2.8047dεCd111 0.865
meta state 0.536MeVSyn1/2-7.7mIT  0.537
meta state 0.156MeVSyn4+20.56mIT  0.157
meta state 0.392MeVSyn1/2-1.6582hIT  0.392
meta state 0.190MeVSyn5+49.51dIT 96.750.190
meta state 0.501MeVSyn8-43.1msIT  0.502
In115114.90396695.79/2+4.41E 14yβ-Sn115 0.495
meta state 0.336MeVSyn1/2-4.486hIT 950.336
meta state 0.127MeVSyn5+54.29mεCd116<0.060.470
 54.29mβ-Sn116 3.401
meta state 0.290MeVSyn8-2.18sIT  0.290
In117116.904568Syn9/2+43.2mβ-Sn117 1.455
meta state 0.315MeVSyn1/2-116.2mβ-Sn11752.91.770
 116.2mIT 47.10.315
In118117.906469Syn1+5sβ-Sn118 4.423
meta state 0.060MeVSyn5+4.45mβ-Sn118 4.483
meta state 0.200MeVSyn8-8.5sIT 98.60.200
In119118.905970Syn9/2+2.4mβ-Sn119 2.364
meta state 0.311MeVSyn1/2-18mβ-Sn11994.42.675
 18mIT 5.60.311
In120119.90871Syn1+3.08sβ-Sn120 5.370
meta state 0.000MeVSyn3, 4, 5+46.2sβ-Sn120 5.370
meta state 0.000MeVSyn8-47.3sβ-Sn120 5.370
In121120.907872Syn9/2+23.1sβ-Sn121 3.360
meta state 0.314MeVSyn1/2-3.88mβ-Sn12198.83.674
 3.88mIT 1.20.314
In122121.910373Syn1+1.5sβ-Sn122 6.370
meta state 0.000MeVSyn5+10.3sβ-Sn122 6.370
meta state 0.200MeVSyn8-10.8sβ-Sn122 6.570
In123122.910474Syn9/2+5.98sβ-Sn123 4.391
meta state 0.327MeVSyn1/2-47.8sβ-Sn123 4.718
In124123.913275Syn3+3.11sβ-Sn124 7.360
meta state 0.050MeVSyn8-3.7sβ-Sn124 7.410
In125124.913676Syn9/2+2.36sβ-Sn125 5.420
meta state 0.360MeVSyn1/2-12.2sβ-Sn125 5.780
In126125.916577Syn3+1.6sβ-Sn126 8.210
meta state 0.102MeVSyn7-, 8-, 9-1.64sβ-Sn126 8.312
In127126.917378Syn9/2+1.09sβ- + NSn126<=0.030.950
 1.09sβ-Sn127 6.510
meta state 0.462MeVSyn1/2-3.67sβ- + NSn1260.691.412
 3.67sβ-Sn127 6.972
In128127.920279Syn3+0.84sβ-Sn128 8.980
meta state 0.000MeVSyn3+0.84sβ- + NSn127<=0.031.080
meta state 0.320MeVSyn8-0.72sβ- + NSn127<=0.031.400
 0.72sβ-Sn128 9.300
In129128.92280Syn9/2+0.61sβ- + NSn1280.252.290
 0.61sβ-Sn129 7.660
meta state 0.380MeVSyn1/2-1.23sβ-Sn129>99.78.040
 1.23sβ- + NSn1282.52.670
In130129.924981Syn1-0.32sβ- + NSn1291.012.570
 0.32sβ-Sn130 10.250
meta state 0.050MeVSyn10-0.55sβ- + NSn129<=1.652.620
 0.55sβ-Sn130 10.300
meta state 0.400MeVSyn5+0.55sβ- + NSn129<=1.652.970
 0.55sβ-Sn130 10.650
In131130.926882Syn9/2+0.282sβ- + NSn130<=23.970
 0.282sβ-Sn131 9.180
meta state 0.363MeVSyn1/2-0.35sβ-Sn131>=99.989.543
 0.35sβ- + NSn130<=24.333
meta state 4.270MeVSyn21/2+0.32sβ-Sn131>9913.450
 0.32sβ- + NSn1300.038.240
In132131.932983Syn7-0.201sβ- + NSn1316.26.300
 0.201sβ-Sn132 13.600
In133132.93884Syn9/2+180msβ-Sn133 13.500
 180msβ- + NSn132 11.100
In134133.94585Syn 138ms    
NuclidePotential Parent Nuclides
In98None known
In99None known
In100Sn100 (Syn)
In101Sn101 (Syn)
In102Sn102 (Syn)
In103Sb104 (Syn) Sb107 (Syn) Sn103 (Syn)
In104In104m (Syn) Sn104 (Syn)
meta state 0.093MeVNone known
In105Sn105 (Syn)
meta state 0.674MeVNone known
In106Sn106 (Syn)
meta state 0.029MeVNone known
In107Sn107 (Syn)
meta state 0.678MeVNone known
In108Sn108 (Syn)
meta state 0.030MeVNone known
In109Sn109 (Syn)
meta state 0.650MeVNone known
meta state 2.101MeVNone known
In110Sn110 (Syn)
meta state 0.062MeVNone known
In111Sn111 (Syn)
meta state 0.536MeVNone known
In112None known
meta state 0.156MeVNone known
In113Cd113 (Natural) Cd113m (Syn) Sn113 (Syn) Sn113m (Syn)
meta state 0.392MeVNone known
In114None known
meta state 0.190MeVNone known
meta state 0.501MeVNone known
In115Cd115 (Syn) Cd115m (Syn)
meta state 0.336MeVNone known
In116None known
meta state 0.127MeVNone known
meta state 0.290MeVNone known
In117Cd117 (Syn) Cd117m (Syn)
meta state 0.315MeVNone known
In118Cd118 (Syn)
meta state 0.060MeVNone known
meta state 0.200MeVNone known
In119Cd119 (Syn) Cd119m (Syn)
meta state 0.311MeVNone known
In120Cd120 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
In121Cd121 (Syn) Cd121m (Syn)
meta state 0.314MeVNone known
In122Cd122 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
meta state 0.200MeVNone known
In123Cd123 (Syn) Cd123m (Syn)
meta state 0.327MeVNone known
In124Cd124 (Syn)
meta state 0.050MeVNone known
In125Cd125 (Syn) Cd125m (Syn)
meta state 0.360MeVNone known
In126Cd126 (Syn)
meta state 0.102MeVNone known
In127Cd127 (Syn)
meta state 0.462MeVNone known
In128Cd128 (Syn)
meta state 0.000MeVNone known
meta state 0.320MeVNone known
In129Cd129 (Syn) Cd130 (Syn) In129m (Syn)
meta state 0.380MeVNone known
In130Cd130 (Syn)
meta state 0.050MeVNone known
meta state 0.400MeVNone known
In131In131m (Syn) In131m1 (Syn)
meta state 0.363MeVNone known
meta state 4.270MeVNone known
In132None known
In133None known
In134None known


  • NN = Number of Neutrons
  • Abun % = Natural Abundance (as a percentage)
  • Syn = Synthetic Nuclide (does not occur in nature)
  • DM = Decay Mode
    α = Alpha emission
    β- = Beta emission
    β- β- = Double beta decay
    β+ = Positron emission
    ε = Electron Capture
    IT = Isomeric Transition
    N = Neutron emission
    P = Proton emission
    SF = Spontaneous Fission
  • DT = Decays To
  • BR % = Branch Ratio (as a percentage)

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